Green Fingers

If you have green fingers why not help John and Judy out in their Organic Farm where they grow all their own vegetables. Guests may even bring some home. The organic approach to gardening and farming recognises that the whole environment in which plants grow is much more than the sum of its individual parts and that all livings things are inter-related and inter-dependent. Organic growing involves:
  • Treating the soil and growing environment as a resource to be husbanded for future generations, rather than mined for short term gain.
  • Providing plants with a balanced food supply by feeding the many soil living creatures with composts, manures and other organic materials.
  • Choosing renewable resources, thereby creating a sustainable future.
  • Reducing pollution of the environment by recycling garden, household and other wastes, rather than dumping or burning them.
  • Combating pests and diseases without using pesticides that may prove harmful to human health and that of domestic and wild animals.
  • The whole garden - flowers, trees, shrubs and lawns, as well as vegetables, fruit and herbs.



Lough Mask Holidays,
Co. Mayo,
F12 DX96


00353 (0)94 9544009



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